bored. nothing to do

A patch of a color test I did for an illustration. I'll post the whole thing after I'm done with it. This cute little boy was watching me when I was painting this. I silently sent good thoughts his way: "You will grow up to be an artist! You will go to art school. Your Asian parents will ask you why!"

I did most of these in Starbucks today when I had to download something via ftp client. It took 2.5 hrs to download, which is nearly untenable enough. There were at least 3 more people in the group above but they got up so fast! Oh well. 

The next two were done while watching Escape to River Cottage, which is a British TV show about organic farming and cooking. The English farmers on the show could be shoved willy-nilly into a movie adaptation of some Dickens novel and they'll still fit right in. The host, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (the guy holding the dead bunny) has been known to eat roadkill for lunch and participates in such shenanigans as racing a wheelbarrow while dressed in a lobster costume. He's awesome. Now I wanna be a lobster for Halloween.

Well that ate a quarter of my day. The end.


Alonso Ramirez Ramos said...

awesome story and drawings

Jesse Soto said...

I love when little kids are really into drawing or watching me doodle randomness. Occasionally I'll get the smart kid/parent that breaks it all down. Sometimes they want to be artists even more.

I notice you make a lot of unique marks/shapes for everyone's expression. It's neat!