island style

I've always wanted to draw a pinup,
but somehow never did.
Stands to reason the first one
should be special, no?

So here she is:
an island girl
for an island boy.


you must remember this

a kiss is still a kiss,
a sigh is just a sigh

and if you don't work on an illustration,
it's not liable to finish itself.

happy V-D, everyone
(Victory over Discontent?)


it's cold outside!

y u no bigger inside?

This banana n peanut malt was fab
but my arse was cold
and so was my throat
y I no buy something warm?
like um...
a fire?

the view from the goodfellas booth

There was no space in that Italian restaurant
for two pandas!
Except this one booth in the back, facing the kitchen
We felt like Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro
in Goodfellas...

I was Joe Pesci of course
(on account of my height)
but the panna cotta
was very smooth
and I was happy.


sketchcrawl january 2012 - union station, olvera street

Drew and Ian inspecting a portfolio
And yes... an Asian man with epic hair. Epic metal hair.

Union Station view toward the entrance

Union Station tower from the garden courtyard

Statue of Carlos III, King of Spain at Olvera Street


she was so fluffy

Oh honey, you can take my chair any day.

It helps that I was eating the most amazing egg salad sandwich when she asked me this question.