the burds

pelican from Stearns Wharf,
Santa Barbara

he was quite a poser
but I believe he likes
to annoy people fishing on the pier 

So then there was this...
other bird.
I called him "brown seagull"
I am not a bird expert


baby james

Don't panic....
It's my brother's baby!
I haven't gone off
to have a child
This is his 2-month old face

 This was him as a newborn
(at 3 days old)


like any other day

i would say
such wonderful things to you
there would be
such wonderful things to do
if you were the only boy
in the world
and i were the only girl


she moves

it's alright, it's alright
she moves
in mysterious ways

bolero: Jacques Fath vintage
bandeau top: Gilly Hicks
shorts: Banana Republic