el niño mariachi

This is a personal project:
it's supposed to be a children's book.
I delivered my character designs.
More will be delivered soon.

I keep feeding the writer
in hopes that he will
cough up the story.
So far it hasn't happened.


wear your dessert!

Some desserts taste so good
you might as well wear them

Churros con chocolate
so rare in Los Angeles.
if you want some

if only they come in the size of pillows.

Pierre Herme's Ispahan:
rose macaron, Italian meringue,
raspberries, lychee,
rose petal on top.

Gateau St. Honore:
caramel coated eclairs
and whip cream
plus a little candied walnut

And by popular demand,
So sticky.


the burds

pelican from Stearns Wharf,
Santa Barbara

he was quite a poser
but I believe he likes
to annoy people fishing on the pier 

So then there was this...
other bird.
I called him "brown seagull"
I am not a bird expert


baby james

Don't panic....
It's my brother's baby!
I haven't gone off
to have a child
This is his 2-month old face

 This was him as a newborn
(at 3 days old)


like any other day

i would say
such wonderful things to you
there would be
such wonderful things to do
if you were the only boy
in the world
and i were the only girl


she moves

it's alright, it's alright
she moves
in mysterious ways

bolero: Jacques Fath vintage
bandeau top: Gilly Hicks
shorts: Banana Republic


fish terrorist

In my former life
I liked playing with goldfish.
The goldfish did not enjoy it
as much as I did