wayang battle droid

Installation at the 2009 Character Animation Gallery show, co-created with Kristina Mickahail. Paper sculpture: bristol paper, wire and spray paint. Based on Balinese shadow puppets and random robot designs.

Blueprint & construction design of robot by me. Kristina did some of the decorations and painting.


Island of the Gods - storyboards

To move forward, click the right arrow, to move back the left arrow on the bottom of the slideshow. To see it bigger click on the center of the image. It will take you to the album on Picasa.

monsters of fail


intelligent pigs

Okay there's a story behind these pigs. They are very smart because they are always being read to from these scrolls of Chinese philosophy. And they become so intelligent they develop a curse...

tokyo olympiad

Color/image script, study from the film Tokyo Olympiad, directed by Kon Ichikawa.


brush and ink, part I

brush and ink scroll, about 3 ft sections out of 50. more coming up. 

day and night

My friend Nalena totally thinks those are cupcake trees. Ha. I'll take it as a compliment.